Tea Infusers Growing In Popularity

Basket Type Tea Infuser by Coolahoo for Sale on Amazon.com

(September 05, 2013 ) Tokyo, Tokyo — Tea Infusers or tea strainers are becoming more popular as more people turn to drinking loose leaf tea for its better taste and health benefits.

A Tea Infuser is a device that holds the loose tea leaves and prevents them from getting into the cup or teapot.

There are many different types. A recently popular type is the basket type that sits into a mug or pot. The basket type is popular as it is easier to fill and clean than many of the smaller enclosed types. Moreover, this type gives the tea leaves more room to expand.

“If you want to get the most flavors and benefits from your tea leaves, then you need enough space for the tea leaves to mix with the water and to expand which will allow the tannins and essential oils flow out of the leaves and into the water,” said Daniel Hall, CEO of Coolahoo.

Coolahoo is a new brand that launched in July and introduced their first product, the Coolahoo Premium Tea Infuser in the same month which is sold on Amazon.com. It is also a basket type, but it is made of fine wire mesh as compared to many other basket types that are made from either silicon or from metal sheets with holes punched in them.

“We found that fine wire mesh is much better at keeping tea sediment in the infuser and out of the cup,” said Hall.

A lid and carrying handle are included with the infuser. The lid holds steam during brewing and the handle makes it easier to manage.

The lid can also be used to hold the tea infuser once the tea is ready so that additional cups can be brewed later. Hall also says that the handle provides and extra benefit.

Hall says, “If you want to make a pot of tea for many people at one time, just throw your loose leaf tea into a teapot and not the infuser. Once it is ready to serve, just hold the tea infuser by the handle and use it as a strainer over each cup as you pour the tea.”

Besides the Tea Infuser, Coolahoo is including an eBook with each order. The book references popular tea types, how to clean and care for the infuser as well as other helpful tips for making tea.

Coolahoo’s Tea Infuser is sold through Amazon.com exclusively. Hall and his team chose Amazon for their fast shipping, stellar customer service and secure ordering site.
“There was no other choice for us. Amazon.com was going to be the only site to carry our product,” said Hall.

About Coolahoo.com

Coolahoo aims to offer high quality products and also provide useful information that will complement each product it sells. To this end, Coolahoo has just launched its first product, the Premium Tea Infuser which also comes with a complimentary eBook full of information related to tea.

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