Innovative Brand Coolahoo Launches, Releases Premium Tea Infuser

Enjoy Great Tasting Tea and Brush Up on Your Tea Facts at the Same Time

(August 30, 2013 ) Tokyo, Tokyo — A newly created brand, Coolahoo, aims to sell a wide variety of high quality products used in everyday life starting with its new Premium Tea Infuser.

In addition to providing its customers with quality items, Coolahoo will distinguish itself from its competitors by providing its customers with unique and valuable information regarding its products. In doing so, Coolahoo hopes to appeal to a large audience and capture a significant percentage of the market share.

Coolahoo released its first product in July, a premium tea infuser which is sold exclusively through and is used for making great tasting tea using loose leaf tea.

It features a fine wire mesh basket to minimize the seeping of sediment which is also simple to use and is easy to clean. Produced from stainless steel, the consumer is further protected by a 45 day guarantee on the purchase.

Representative of the brand’s business model, this premium tea infuser comes with a complimentary eBook at no additional cost.

The eBook contains valuable information including useful tips for proper maintenance of the product, as well as beneficial information regarding common type of teas and their health benefits, and various ways in which the leftover tea leaves can be used.

The CEO of Coolahoo, Daniel Hall says, “Our premium tea infuser and eBook will allow you to learn more about tea while also enjoying full tea flavor.”

Hall explains that the mission of the brand is not only to provide high quality products, but to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. In this respect, Coolahoo wholly embraces the notion of adding value to their products by including relevant and helpful information along with the product itself.

Hall envisions that by doing so his customers will come to associate the Coolahoo brand with excellence. Complimentary eBooks are not simply a gimmick to induce a purchase, but part and parcel of the business model of creating a brand held in high esteem.

Growing pains typical of any blossoming business are to be expected, but with high levels of customer satisfaction and affordable high-quality products, Coolahoo hopes to embark on a steady climb. By targeting consumers who are searching for everyday products that come with additional value, Coolahoo aims to secure its place in a rapidly growing niche.


Coolahoo aims to offer high quality products and also provide useful information that will complement each product it sells. To this end, Coolahoo has just launched its first product, the Premium Tea Infuser which comes with a complimentary eBook full of information related to tea.

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