About Us

Thank you for visiting our site! We are a new company and we launched our first product in July of 2013. Our aim is to provide high quality products along with information that will help you get the best out of your purchase.  We also will try to give 100% service to our customers. Our first product is our Premium Tea Infuser and can be found on Amazon.com.  Included with the tea infuser is a link and password so that you can download an eBook with details on how to use your new infuser and lots of information on tea. As we are small, we will go through some growing pains as we try to set up every aspect of our business.  We hope that you will be patient and work with this time and let us know how we are doing.  Our goal is to provide even better products and information to our customers over time. You can learn about our Premium tea infuser here, and you can read our blog which is related to tea. We have a Newsletter in which we send out our latest blog articles and news about things like upcoming product launches and promotions.  If you are interested, please sign up for our Newsletter. If you like our blog and have your own information that you would like to share about our product or tea with other us, please be sure to contact us!  We would be happy to hear from you. Thank you, Jim Smith CEO Coolahoo.com