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  • Tea Infusers Growing In Popularity

    Basket Type Tea Infuser by Coolahoo for Sale on Amazon.com (September 05, 2013 ) Tokyo, Tokyo — Tea Infusers or tea strainers are becoming more popular as more people turn to drinking loose leaf tea for its better taste and…Read more ›
  • Innovative Brand Coolahoo Launches, Releases Premium Tea Infuser

    Enjoy Great Tasting Tea and Brush Up on Your Tea Facts at the Same Time (August 30, 2013 ) Tokyo, Tokyo — A newly created brand, Coolahoo, aims to sell a wide variety of high quality products used in everyday…Read more ›
  • 3 Tips to Help You Enjoy Loose Leaf Tea

    If you are English, you like tea, enough said. However, this versatile little drink has very much conquered the world, and tea now has a much bigger reach as a product than it had twenty years ago. Connoisseurs are setting…Read more ›
  • Green Tea Aids in Weight Loss, Researchers Say

    Green tea has been a staple of traditional Chinese and Indian medicine for centuries. Within the past few decades, researchers and Western health practitioners have also begun touting the numerous benefits of regularly consuming green tea. Studies have shown that…Read more ›

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